Beneficial Coco Coir Door mats

Coco coir is an esteemed by-product from the extraction of coconut husk. Coco coir is one of the renewable and reliable resources available from mother nature. It gives rise to a large assortment of daily-use products.

One such is Coco Coir Door Mats. The door mats manufactured from coco coir fibers are of immense resilience and sturdy grip. Coir door mats are byself a natural, organic and a high in demand home asset. 

Coir fibers have the highest absorption rates of all natural fibers, which make them ideal for door mats. They are available in different shapes (rectangle, square, oval) and size to suit your door way.

Welcome Door Mat

Coir door mats have their own beneficiary pointers to speak about, to say the least, they are

Eco friendly

By making use of coir as a doormat, you are contributing to save the environment instead of using artificial fibers. It is technically easy, liable, cost-effective means of goods. 

Printed Coir Mat

The maintenance is very simple, it can be easily vacuumed, requires a quick hand wash to  remove any dirt or stains. Despite being made of recycled source, coir mats do not compromise on quality. 

Simple and Elegant

Even the mat is made of pure coir substance, it is later designed on ‘Plane/Bleached Coir’ fibers with vibrant colors to enhance the beauty of your door way. The coir helps to keep the home clean, leaving behind the dirt-debris outside. 

Finely accentured embossed Coir Mat

The other kind of coir mats that entices the users are the ‘Hand-woven Coir Creel Mat’, they are the trendy collection of coir mats. The ridges ensure excellent scraping and base is made of recycled rubber. Having a solid rubber base to add texture to the floor and compliment your entryway is a best idea. 

Long Lasting

 The coir fibers are the finest material for crafting doormats. The fibers form a highly absorbent layer for effective water absorb and collect dirt and dust. With a sturdy rubber surface as base, coir mats are ideal for high traffic areas like walkway, living room and kitchen. 

Leafy printed eco-friendly Coir Mat

Coir mats exhibit impressive weather resistance and incredibly long lasting. It fortifies your doorway from fungal and bacterial growth and also mildew, moulds.  

These mats are impossibly hard-wearing material that braves any friction or abuse. And doesn’t even require replacement even after year round use. 

In all aspects, Door Mats made of Coco Coir is an eco-friendly, natural, simple, authentic, and ever lasting affordable doormat ever.  

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