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Saura- A Renowned Tribal Art Form

Saura is one of the ancient tribes of Odisha, India, that are often mentioned in Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Typically the wall mural paintings pictured by Saura tribal forks are well known as Saura Painting or IKONS (or EKONS). 

Saura painting unfolding joyous moment

Suara arts hold up the ritualistic importance of Sauras. And the artwork uses extensive symbols (Ikons) that mirror the lifestyle of the Sauras. People, horses, elephants, sun, moon and nature, and the evolution of life are the subject of their artwork.

Human as Stick figures in Suara painting

Saura paintings are mostly drawn in fish-net-approach, painting from border to inwards. There is no such physical differentiation between in humans as they are represented in stick figures, that animals and nature includes.

This diverse and unique style of saura has been gaining popularity in recent years. And is in trend for using decorative items like greeting cards, cloth accessories and stationeries.

Gain in popularity has greatly influenced people to look up for more tribal artworks; to recon, learn and spread awareness of diverse folk artworks. 

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