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Brilliant Bronze Idols for your Ideal Home

Bronze stands out in the collection idol statue for its non-corrosive and impressive antique look.

Indigenous Dhokra Artwork

Dhokra is a traditional non-ferrous metal casting using the last-wax casting technique. This technique of lost-wax casting is named after the Dhokra Damar tribe, traditional metalsmiths of West Bengal and Odisha.

An Aesthetic Look on Wall- Clay Art Painting

In today’s modern world, each and every establishment, either commercial or residential has aesthetic artworks in their possession. An authentic art piece of painting, clay art, idols manifest captivative interior decor that piques everyone’s interest.

Clay Art, an artistic practice derived from the ancient times. Formally a mixture of clay stone dust and gum of a tree named Sirisha (used as Adhesive) and acrylic and spray paint for bright color outlines natural beauty when hung down on a wall.

Clay art comes both in traditional and contemporary form, inspiring awe out of enthusiasts.  

The art of inlaying the clay hand work into a frame, is the master work of our skilled artisans. Syzygy Home Decor delivers exclusive clay painting for all authentic lovers to the brim of their satisfaction.

The featured background is a keen blend of spray paints
The distinct of colors is perfectly maintained
The embodiment manifested with acute figures
The shaping of figures made perfectly fine

The clay alone can’t withhold the weight of the portrayal, the artwork is supported by Masonite Plywood. These clay survives any weather conditions, durable and are break resistant and do not wear off easily. 

The whole process of designing, blending-moulding and painting are done by hand. 

Our artwork is artisan-made, one-of-a-kind and rare, cannot be replicated, we bring out variations in our artwork that no two are exactly alike.

In portraying art excellence, Clay Art poses as a flourishing, ever-attractive wall decor for the entire being. 

Saura- A Renowned Tribal Art Form

Saura is one of the ancient tribes of Odisha, India, that are often mentioned in Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Typically the wall mural paintings pictured by Saura tribal forks are well known as Saura Painting or IKONS (or EKONS). 

Saura painting unfolding joyous moment

Suara arts hold up the ritualistic importance of Sauras. And the artwork uses extensive symbols (Ikons) that mirror the lifestyle of the Sauras. People, horses, elephants, sun, moon and nature, and the evolution of life are the subject of their artwork.

Human as Stick figures in Suara painting

Saura paintings are mostly drawn in fish-net-approach, painting from border to inwards. There is no such physical differentiation between in humans as they are represented in stick figures, that animals and nature includes.

This diverse and unique style of saura has been gaining popularity in recent years. And is in trend for using decorative items like greeting cards, cloth accessories and stationeries.

Gain in popularity has greatly influenced people to look up for more tribal artworks; to recon, learn and spread awareness of diverse folk artworks. 

Above mentioned are some of the Saura painting shelved in art gallery of Syzygyhomedecor. Fore more saura paintings, visit our website.

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A perfect Wall Décor Idea

We at Syzygy Home Décor wholeheartedly welcome all the dear authentic lovers to the world of aesthetic home décor products. Our products are the artisan-made, one-of-a-kind and rare, which are inspired by traditional as well as contemporary.

One such artistic piece includes Pattachitra Painting, pattachitra is an art form practiced from the eastern states of Odisha and West Bengal, India. Pattachitra is an ancient art work involving intricate designing around mythological and folktales inscriptions. 

The word Pattachitra is derived from  Sanskrit, Patta means canvas, Chitra means picture, wholly a traditional cloth-based scroll painting. The two main art categories in pattachitra are Mythological and Tribal.

The Mythological pattachitra depicts various mythical stories of Hindu deities. Portrayed with rich colors, creative motifs and graceful design pattachitra is a demanding art work for wall decoration.

Kalinga Mardana by Bala Krishna

The above pattachitra illustrates a dancing pose of Bala Krishna on Kalinga while the devotees worship around.

And the surrounding pictures are the achievements of Sri Krishna while he is young. The enriched pattachitra is full of vitality with a mischievous glint.

The natural colors and the floral border in every artwork is a unique feature of Pattachitra.

Mathura Vijaya with the Life Story of Sri Krishna

The solemn life story of lord Sri Krishna portrayed on this pattachitra in an acutely sensible way. The semblance of victory is completely off shown.

Dashavatara / Ten incarnations of Maha Vishnu sketched lifelike. These avatars are Kurma , Matsya , Varaha , Narasimha, Sri Rama , Parashurama , Vamana , Sri Krishna, Buddha and Kalki avatar.

These artworks are handmade; they cannot be replicated, hence we can see variations of the art work but no two are exactly alike.

Regardless, Pattachitra are one of the modest, aesthetic and evergreen art forms enriching your home brilliance by illuminating on your walls.